Fair Work First Statement

Scourie Community Development Company is committed to advancing the Fair Work First criteria as set out within the Scottish Government guidance document. Specifically:

We have appropriate channels for effective voice from the workforce and volunteers; everybody is invited to meetings where everyone has the opportunity to speak and are listened to in a safe environment.  Suggestions are also encouraged through our website and open door policy. 

We actively invest in workforce and volunteer development; we support members to study if they wish or undertake training that will support and be further benefit to Scourie Community Development Company. 

We are committed to no inappropriate use of zero hours contracts.  If a zero-hour contract was to be used it must be in agreement will all Directors and to be the benefit and at request of the recipient. 

We take action to tackle the gender pay gap and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.  Scourie Community Development Company is open for anyone living in the Scourie Community Council District to join without prejudice. 

We are fully committed to paying the real Living Wage to both our employees and ensuring our contractors also do the same. This is reviewed annually. 

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