Community Garden

Funders SCVO, North Highland Initiative, Highland Council and The Woodland Trust

Location; The Doctors’ Park purchased from Scourie Estate by the community with funding from the Scottish Land Fund

Spread over two years, the project aims to help mitigate the negative effects of climate change by creating a suitable habitat for biodiversity and wildlife, in particular for pollinators, whilst simultaneously acting as a buffer zone for Scourie Rocks. Funding in support of phase one allowed us to fence off from herbivores an area of the site. With help from volunteers, some 840 native hedgerow saplings, fruit trees, and 440 wildflower plugs have been planted; in addition and as part of the Highland Councils’ Wildflower Mosaic Project, further seeds were sown in close proximity to the Nature Enclosure. A quantity of small tools, bench seating and a tool shed have been purchased. Year Two provides the opportunity to further develop the project; suggestions include a community garden, growing area, and polytunnel providing healthy food for sharing.

Benefits – Social benefit and increase in physical activity for volunteers


840 native hedgerow saplings

flower icon (1)

440 wildflower plugs

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1 tool shed

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