Scourie Community Development Company

Sustainable projects for the benefit of all

Scourie Community Development Company was born from the desire to support and promote sustainable development within the Scourie District.

Our Mission

To deliver projects and improvements in an environmentally-friendly and sensitive way for the benefit of all residents, neighbours, stakeholders and visitors.

From launching in 2012, we have completed seven projects and secured over £830,000 to develop the Scourie community area, with applications for a further £300,000.

Our Aims

  • To strengthen community resilience
  • Provide solutions to overcome inequalities
  • Develop and implement actions identified in the Scourie Development Plan

Current Projects

Scourie Rocks

Community-owned housing

Community garden

Mental health 

Foot care 

Seaweed farming

Our commitment is to build a happy, healthy, helpful, respectful, engaged and inspiring community.

To find out more about our latest projects, click here, or to find out more about our biggest project – Scourie Rocks, click here.

The Board

The Scourie Community Development Company is a charitable voluntary organisation (SC415281) run by a board of seven volunteer directors.

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